About CGWS

The Carter G. Woodson School is a public charter school in Winston-Salem, NC that has been serving students in grades K-12 since 1997.

The School offers free tuition and bus transportation to and from many neighborhoods in greater Winston-Salem.

Our caring and dedicated leadership team challenges, engages and inspires each child to achieve their highest potential. Teachers work with each student to identify his or her unique learning style and challenges and focus on each student’s abilities. After-school tutorial services focus on areas of greatest need.

Carter G. Woodson School students are expected to graduate from high school and obtain a college degree. Our teachers provide one-on-one coaching on graduation plans and individually follow up on each student’s college applications.

Our facilities and programs offer our students challenging academics, comprehensive instruction and the tools they need to be successful in their growth.

The school’s rigorous academic curriculum emphasizes science, mathematics, music, technology and communications to prepare our students for practical, productive, real-life situations they will encounter in their adult lives. Our structured environment provides our students with a sense of well-being and security, heightens their self-esteem, and facilitates their learning and success at school and in life.

Carter G. Woodson School students represent 14 countries and cultures. Fifty-nine percent of our students are African American, 39% are Hispanic/Latino and 2% are multi-racial. Over 87% participate in the National Free and Reduced Lunch Program.

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