About Charter Schools

At the Carter G. Woodson School, we believe that the education our children receive can either help or hinder their ability to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow.

Often, many children in our conventional public school system do not receive the appropriate educational environment to acquire the necessary skills to become productive and successful.

Public charter schools began appearing in the United States in the early 1990s to provide a free educational option for families and greater accountability for results.

As a public charter school, the Carter G. Woodson School adheres to the basic curricular requirements of the state but has several advantages:

  • We have the flexibility to use new and innovative approaches to improve on standard education practices to challenge our students and improve student achievement;
  • We are free from the day-to-day scrutiny of school boards and government authorities;
  • We have our own Board of Directors focused strictly on our school; and
  • We have the opportunity to determine and influence the quality of education our children receive.

As a public charter school, the Carter G. Woodson School receives tax dollars but must also come up with private funding to meet all the needs of our school.