Fact Sheet

The Carter G. Woodson School (CGWS)

The Carter G. Woodson School was founded in 1997 by Winston-Salem Legal Aid Attorney Hazel Mack who was dissatisfied with the education her daughter was receiving at her neighborhood public school. She ran a public service announcement on Winston-Salem State University’s radio station to which hundreds of parents responded, packing the central library to discuss establishing a charter school as a better education option for their children. Just months after that first meeting in the summer of 1997, renovations began to transform an older building into a new school. The Carter G. Woodson School opened in fall 1997 with 175 students.

Enrollment 2011-12 School Year
The Carter G. Woodson School accepted 125 new students this year, with a total enrollment of 450 students.

Professional Team
The Carter G. Woodson School employs 57 professionals – our School Director,  31 teachers (including three ELL instructors and three Exceptional Children Instructors), one Guidance Counselor, four Instructional Coaches, one Curriculum Coordinator, one Media Center Coordinator, one Technologist/Computer Specialist, one Athletic Director, four administrative staff support and a staff of nine who manage our facilities and transportation efforts.

Student-Teacher Ratio
The student-teacher ratio at CGWS has consistently been 16:1. State budget cuts in education resulted in larger student to teacher ratios for 2011-2012, however these ratios are still substantially below many public school student-teacher ratios of 26:1.

Elementary School – 20:1 (+ 1 instructional coach)

Middle School – 16:1

High School – 14:1

Our Students are College Bound!

CGWS graduating seniors (May 2011) were accepted into the following colleges/universities: Bennett College for Women, Fayetteville State University, NC Agricultural and Technical State University, North Carolina Central University, Forsyth Technical Community College, Guilford Technical Community College, Johnson C. Smith University, Knoxville College, Livingstone College, Norfolk State University, Salem College, Shaw University, St. Augustine’s College, University of NC at Greensboro, and Winston-Salem State University.

Test Scores
The Carter G. Woodson School has achieved “exemplary” status over the last six years. Six out of the last seven years CGWS has achieved “high growth” or “met expected growth” under North Carolina standards. Eighty-two percent of the students who attend CGWS for three years or more score 3s and 4s on the EOC/EOG standardized test.

Carter G. Woodson School student test scores fluctuate from year to year depending on how many new, at-risk students are in our program. CGWS accepts all children who wish to enroll. Often, these students are at-risk, entering one to three grade levels behind. These students are able to raise their academic performance within two to three years. Carter G. Woodson School encourages parents to keep their children enrolled at CGWS so they can improve and sustain their academic progress and contribute to the School’s overall test scores.

The Carter G. Woodson School offers free tuition and free bus transportation to and from many neighborhoods in greater Winston-Salem.

Fifty-nine percent of students at the Carter G. Woodson School are African American, 39% are Hispanic/Latino and 2% are multi-racial. Over 87% participate in the National Free and Reduced Lunch Program.