The Carter G. Woodson School provides our students with opportunities to master a common core of knowledge necessary for participation in a global society. Every student is expected to master the basic communication and problem-solving skills necessary to become shareholders in the personal and economic rewards and responsibilities of our society.

Academic Focus Areas
Our academic program emphasizes science, mathematics, technology and communications to prepare our students for practical, productive, real-life situations they will encounter in their adult lives.

Personalized Instruction
Carter G. Woodson School administrators, faculty and staff are dedicated to using their considerable talents and skills to ensure that each student excels to his/her maximum individual capability.

Recognizing that students learn in different ways, our teachers build on the strength of each child’s learning style by using creative, innovative, and progressive approaches that focus on each student’s abilities.

Each student receives tutorial services in his/her area(s) of most need. This approach enables all students to grow and develop academically, including those students who have been “at risk.”

The Carter G. Woodson School uses a team of teachers to serve students in grades K-5, grades 6-8, and grades 9-12. Our team instructional approach allows teachers to know all students as individuals and collaborate across disciplines.

Music and the Arts
Music and the arts are an integral part of our curriculum. Orchestra and Band build on the connection between math and music. Elementary School students participate in an orchestra of stringed instruments. Middle School students receive instruction in band, drawing, painting, sculpting, and other visual arts.

Guided After-school Activities and Programs
The Carter G. Woodson School helps students increase their academic performance by keeping students focused after school hours on positive growth and development. High school students can participate in a mock trial team that competes annually in the North Carolina Advocates for Justice Mock Trial Competition and/or join our newly formed Debate Team.

Our athletics program focuses on team building and good sportsmanship. Putting academics first is a pre-requisite behavior for participation in the sports program. All students, no matter the level of playing ability, can participate in the sports programs if they desire.

For more information, see CGWS Facilities and Programs.