Success Stories

“I was able to succeed more readily at Carter G. Woodson
and as a result my confidence has soared.”

~ DiJuana Douthit

The Carter G. Woodson School is a unique, blessed, anointed and highly achieved academic environment that has encouraged my success every step of the way.

I was an academically gifted student accused of “disrespecting” the teacher, and was suspended from Hall Woodward Elementary. That’s when my mother decided I would go to Carter G. Woodson School and enrolled me in Ms. Porter’s fourth grade class.

I immediately observed the teacher to student ratio and liked the small class size. I felt like I would be comfortable attending the school. Even though I connected with the teachers, I didn’t connect well with any of the other students, which made me even angrier than when I first got suspended.

As I matured and became a part of the CGWS family, I began to realize that this school was made just for me. Going in and out of Mrs. Hopkins’ office eventually led me to be quieter and listen to my elders.

When our fifth grade class was introduced to the Darryl Hunt story I realized that being an attorney is my destiny. I see myself attending law school and working at a law firm that handles defense cases for African American and other communities of color. I want to make positive change for the American people by gaining justice and freedom for all.

I’ve been attending Ferrum College in Ferrum, Virginia, majoring in political science with a focus on criminal justice.

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