Parent Life Coach Program

The Carter G. Woodson School encourages parents and guardians to get involved early in their children’s school activities and consistently participate throughout their school “career” to help them be successful at home and in the classroom.

A  parent or guardian’s involvement in their child’s education, in partnership with CGWS, can make all the difference in establishing a relationship that is both personal and lifelong.

Parents are often unsure of how to meet all the demands of life and still be available for their children. Many are overwhelmed and don’t have the knowledge or skills to create an environment that meets the academic, social and emotional needs of their children.

The Carter G. Woodson School’s Parent Life Coach Program (PLC)—a series of interactive, one-on-one sessions—engages, inspires and empowers parents to help make their child’s school experience successful.

Our PLC Program offers individual coaching to parents and/or guardians who need assistance in becoming active partners in their child’s education. The skills parents and guardians learn are universal and can be applied to any child regardless of ethnicity, gender or socioeconomic status. Coaching sessions can be conducted in person, by phone or via email. Our PLC Program includes:

  • Focusing the Lens 1-To-1 Orientation identifies the issues that have contributed to a student’s present situation and jump-starts discussions on what changes need to be made.
  • Peeling the Onion Guided Interactive reveals the issues and offers healing – the aha! moments that will help parents change their belief system and shift their focus to achieve more positive life outcomes.
  • Life Coach 101 Interactive addresses a variety of topics, including Learning Begins at Home; The Pitfalls of Childhood Self-Parenting; Education is Everybody’s Business; Improving Academic Achievement; and Evaluating How Best to Interact with School Administrators.
  • Top Ten Parenting Tips

The entire leadership team at Carter G. Woodson School is committed to building trusting relationships and a positive partnership between our teachers, staff and the parents and guardians of our students.

For more information, see our Parental Involvement Policy.