“I have witnessed how discipline dispensed in a no-nonsense manner can offer our students the grounding they need to turn a blind eye to peer pressure and other dysfunctions that can distract them from achieving their ambitions.”
~ Ruth Hopkins, Director, Carter G. Woodson School

 At the Carter G. Woodson School, we want our students to have a sense of well-being and security. We believe that a structured environment with high expectations influence our students to achieve their highest potential.

Our school policies cover grades K-12. School policies apply not only to our school buildings and surrounding property, but also to the school’s bus transportation and off-campus locations while participating in school activities.

Students are expected to follow bus, school-wide and classroom rules. Students who ignore student behavior policies or exhibit behavior that is not in the best interest of the school may be subject to disciplinary action. We make sure that student offenses and consequences are appropriate for each grade level.

Behavior that is not in the best interest of the school:

  • Behavior that is immoral, indecent, overly affectionate or of a sexual nature
  • Bullying and threatening; harassment
  • Damaging school property
  • Demeaning language/profanity or action
  • Dishonesty in any form-lying, stealing, cheating
  • Disruption in the classroom that includes physical violence
  • Disrespect towards others, as well as staff members
  • Failure to adhere to school-wide, classroom and bus rules
  • Gang-related messages and signs
  • Possession, sale or distribution of illegal drugs, alcohol or other controlled substances at school or any school function
  • Possession of any weapon on school grounds or in school buildings
  • Refusing to complete assignments or to enter into classroom activities within the student’s capabilities
  • Skipping class or leaving school grounds
  • Sleeping in class or off-task behavior
  • Disrespecting lines of authority

For more information, please see the CGWS Parent & Student Handbook