Attendance Policy

Attendance and participation in class are fundamental parts of the teaching-learning process. Regular attendance develops patterns of behavior essential to successful personal, social and professional life. Regular attendance is necessary for successful completion of required class work and promotion to the next grade.

The Carter G. Woodson School follows North Carolina State Guidelines concerning absences during the school year however the School may establish more restrictive attendance policies, subject to Board approval.

Attendance Guidelines
A student is considered absent from school when either the student:

  • is not present at least half of the school day, whether the absence is excused or unexcused, or
  • misses more than half the class period, whether the absence is excused or unexcused.

This policy does not limit our teachers or our School Director from imposing disciplinary sanction for students who miss portions of the school day or miss a class without an excuse.

A student who is absent from school shall within three days of returning to school furnish a written excuse from the student’s parent/guardian, custodian or doctor stating the dates and reason for the absences.

A student who has five consecutive or 10 accumulated absences in a semester may be required to provide a written doctor’s excuse for any additional absences attributed to illness.

When a student has been absent from class or school 10 times in a semester or 20 times in a year, our School Director or designee shall notify the parent/guardian of the student’s absences in writing and include a warning of the possible consequences of additional absences.

When a student exceeds the absences limits set by this policy, our School Director shall notify the parent/guardian that the student will be dropped from the course, retained or denied course credit.

Daily Attendance

  1. Our teachers maintain accurate attendance records daily. Attendance is also taken for Middle and High School students during their homeroom class.
  2.  The Carter G. Woodson School adheres to all conditions of the North Carolina Compulsory Attendance Law, and ensures that parents/guardians are notified of their responsibility under the same law. Students at any age who accumulate excessive absences may experience consequences ranging from additional school work to grade level retention.
  3. The following school related activities will not be counted as absences from either class or school:
  • Field trips sponsored by the School
  • Evening and weekend activities that are initiated and scheduled by the school
  • Athletic events requiring early dismissal from school
  • Governor or legislative pages
  • In-School suspension

Absences resulting from participation in school-sponsored activities will not count against the minimum attendance requirement.

Assignments missed for these reasons shall be completed by students, and are due on the day the student returns to class, unless, additional time is granted by the teacher.

Unexcused Absences
The Carter G. Woodson School Board of Directors and the School Administration consider unexcused absences to be quite serious.

The parent/guardian of a student who has any unexcused absences will need to appear at the School with the student in order for him/her to be re-admitted to classes. The student and his/her family may be required to attend a conference with the School or Board officials about attendance.

If a student has 10 unexcused absences, the student and his/her family will be required to meet with the school director and grievance committee from our board of directors, which will determine whether the student will be allowed to continue at Carter G. Woodson School.

Excused Absences
The following are valid excuses for the temporary non-attendance of a child at school, provided satisfactory evidence of the excuse is provided to the appropriate school official immediately upon return to school (reasons 1, 2, and 3) or in advance of the absence (reasons 4 through 7). Failure to provide satisfactory documentation for an absence for any other reason will deem the absence unexcused.

Valid reasons for temporary non-attendance:
1. Illness or Injury: An absence is excused when the absence results from illnesses or injury, which prevents the child from being physically able to attend school.

2. Quarantine: An absence is excused when the State Board of Health orders through the local health officer that the child be isolated.

3. Death in the Immediate Family: An absence is excused when it results from the death of a member of the immediate family of the child. For purposes of this regulation, the immediate family of a child includes, but is not necessarily limited to: grandparents, parents, brothers and sisters.

4. Medical or Dental Appointments: An absence is excused from the medical or dental appointment of a child and approval of the appropriate school official is gained prior to the absence, except in the case of an emergency. The absence must be documented by a signed note from the medical facility.

5. Court or Administrative Proceedings: An absence is excused when it results from the attendance of a child at the proceedings of a court of administration tribunal if the child is part of the action under subpoena as a witness.

6. Religious Observances: An absence is excused if the tenets of a religion to which a child or his parents ascribe require or suggest the observance of a religious even not to exceed five (5) days.

7. Educational Opportunity: An absence may be excused when it is demonstrated that the purpose of the absence is to take advantage of a valid educational opportunity, such as travel. Approval for such an absence must be gained prior to the absence. All other absences are unexcused.

Educational Trips
1. Parents/guardians may submit a request to the School Director for an educational trip. The request must be submitted in advance.

2. If a trip is approved by the School Director, the students shall maintain a daily journal and submit a written report to the Director upon his/her return from the trip. The report should include brochures, pictures, etc. The trip will revert to the status of unexcused absence if the report is not turned in within five (5) days of the student returning to school.

3. Trips designated as educational/excused absences may not exceed:

4. Trips such as family vacations and athletic events are not excused absences or educational trips.

Missed Homework and In-Class Assignments Due to Absences
Students are entitled to make up work from an excused absence (as defined above) without receiving penalties to their marks or grades. Students (Parents/Guardians) are responsible for securing and arranging make-up work from their teachers. Make up work shall be assigned at the convenience of the teacher, and maybe specific material missed by the student, or may be reinforcement or enrichment assignments.

Tardy Policy
A student shall be present in his/her assigned class at the time appointed for the school day or class to begin; or be recorded as tardy (late) for the day or class.

Students who arrive at school late must report immediately to the main office to receive a pass to class.

The office will determine whether the tardy is excused or unexcused. A tardy can only be excused when one of the following has occurred:

  • A note from home has been received by the main office
  • A phone call from the parent has been received
  • A parent/guardian accompanies the student to the main office to sign for school

For more information, please see the Carter G. Woodson School Parent & Student Handbook