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Middle School

At CGW, we recognize that the middle school years are one of the most important periods in an adolescent’s academic and social development, with decades of research showing that the critical thinking skills, habits, and identity development students cultivate during this time can be critical in determining high school and college success. Carter G. Woodson School continues to instill culture, history, and pride in our middle school students. CGW believes it is important to find and build upon each student’s strengths, energy, and curiosity while challenging them to reach for new goals and maintaining a strong sense of community and belonging with their peers. At CGW, we use iReady, Curriculum Associates, Discovery Education, and other platforms and curriculum products to educate our students. Middle school students take art, Spanish, technology, Orchestra, Band, and Physical Education to complete their curriculum.

Gender Separated Classes

In grades 7-8, we have gender-separated classes. CGW, we have discovered that gender-separated classes have reduced class disruptions and our academic environment is more suitable for learning.

Rigorous Curriculum through Project-Based Learning

At Carter G. Woodson School, we prepare our children for the real world. Project-based learning connects students to the real world.

PBL prepares students to accept and meet challenges and acquire professional skills. Students do not do a project all day long; rather, teachers move between teaching content that students then apply and expand in project work.

CGW follows the NC Standard Course of Study, ensuring your child is prepared for successfully attending any NC high school. By covering this required content via our project-based learning approach, upper school students engage more deeply with concepts, bringing about long-term retention rather than short-term memorization. A culturally relevant curriculum is the cornerstone of our educational program.

• The Language Arts curriculum follows the Common Core State Standards which emphasizes the seamless integration of reading, writing, speaking, listening, and language in both literary and informational texts.

• In Mathematics, the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics guide students in developing skills in areas such as rations and proportional relationships, geometry, statistics, probability, expressions of equations, and functions. Middle School learners can anticipate a rigorous curriculum that will adequately prepare them for attendance and study at any NC high school and beyond as they pursue college and various career options.

• Social Studies follows the NC Essential Standards for Social Studies and is organized around five strands: history; geography & environmental literacy; economics & financial literacy; civics and governance; and culture. There is an emphasis on the master of skills, knowledge, and understanding of the world in which we live with a global perspective.

• The NC Essential Standards for Science integrates topics from earth sciences, physical sciences, and life sciences each year.

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