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Volunteers are critical and considered a part of our village. We need volunteers to support our students and families. Every year we have several volunteers. The employees of CGW work together with volunteers at Carter G. Woodson School to encourage our parents and citizens to join us in our mission to provide every student with a high-quality culturally relevant education. You can help by becoming a volunteer today.

A group of children wearing masks and standing in front of a fence.

At CGW, we have an array of different activities and clubs. We ask volunteers to start clubs at the school as well. Over the years, CGW’s students have participated in Mock Trial, spoken word poetry competitions, African drumming, dance, and drama. Plus, we have an excellent school farm with chickens and fresh produce. We need volunteers to work on our school farm and help teach our students and parents the importance of agriculture.

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Three Easy Steps to Become a Volunteer

1. Step One

Complete a volunteer application below.

Requirements: Applicants must be at least 18 years of age.

2. Step Two

Submit to a criminal background check.

Side Note: Please allow 3-5 business days for processing. 

3. Step Three

Please remember to sign in and out using the Volunteer Sign-in Book in the front office.

Side Note: Your volunteer hours help not only students and teachers but also help CGW expand and improve our program.

Become Involved

We offer a variety of opportunities for parents and individuals to become involved in school or at home. Please call our office today at (336) 723-6838 to discuss available opportunities.

Instructional Support


CGW is so thankful for volunteers that provide instructional support. Instructional support volunteers can support teachers by working with students in small groups and assisting students with one-on-one assistance. This is an excellent opportunity to support our students.

Poetry/Spoken Word


CGW has a great legacy of spoken word poetry. We are looking for spoken word artists and poets that will teach our students the beauty of spoken word and poetry. We have talented students. This is an excellent opportunity.

Mock Trial


Carter G. Woodson School has a long history of participating in the Mock Trial program. Attorney Hazel Mack, the school founder, has coached the teams in prior years as well. We need volunteers that will serve as teachers and advisors. Volunteers will help the students prepare to compete in the local mock trial competitions. This is an excellent opportunity to teach about our legal system and prepare our students for an excellent academic competition.

Urban Farm


CGW is always in need of volunteers to support our urban farm. There are many opportunities to expand our urban farm. Also, we have opportunities to help plant and harvest. Volunteers get to bring home free vegetables.


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Schedule A Campus Tour

Programar una visita al campus

Completion of campus tour is requirement of child's enrollment.